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Al Baraa Building Maintenance
& Interior Decor

Solid Wood Flooring Services

Al Baraa brings forward the majesty of your home/office flooring with solid wood flooring solutions. With the finest wooden textures be it for Ash, Birch, Cherry, Hickory, Maple or oak, we assure a wondrous choice of Wooden Royalties. Speaking of the richness of these textures, your home can both look exotic and stay durable for a longer time than you can imagine.

Not just in textures, our collections in solid wood flooring can astound you with vibrant and exalted colors like Blackened brown, Candy apple, Autumn apple, clover honey, Eagle landing, light black, mystique taupe, Aspen, candied Yam and more.. So whether you wish to have a flooring of red oak or mystique taupe, it’s authenticity is no more a thing to worry, as we ensure a 100% genuine wood quality.

A suitable installation is as well primordial to capture the perfect look of your wooden flooring. And in order to ensure your hardwood flooring is appropriately stapled, glued, to the subfloor, our adeptness in installation solutions can be worth the buy. We ensure the right fitting, color and texture that defines your dignified personal style at its best. So, let your home’s flooring showcase a marked resplendence to admire and cherish. Welcome!