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Al Baraa Building Maintenance
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Home Automation Solutions

Al Baraa brings for you outstanding home automation services with its smart solutions. Be it for control of heating, ventilation, lighting or air conditioning appliances along with security, we offer tons of home-based solutions. Our latest offerings also comprises of sensors and switches connected to a central node that controls the system via its user-interface called a Gateway. Despite several competitors in the fields, we endeavor to keep our heads high with the standards of innovation and convenience our products promise to end consumers.

Believing innovation is the only path to creating a great customer convenience, we ensure to work hard towards making an incomparable innovation. That makes your experience of ultimate comfort absolute.

Some of the home automation tools that we have for you includes:

  • Ventilation, Air conditioning and heating. That also includes the remote control to monitor the home energy via internet using a user friendly interface which is most importantly simple to operate.
  • Lighting control system
  • Appliance integration and control using smart grid along with a smart meter by taking the advantage of high solar output during the middle of the day
  • Security: It ensures a home based security system that is combined with home automation system to give more services like remote surveillance using security cameras via internet.
  • Detection of leaks , CO detectors and smoke.

Amaze yourself with more smart home-automation tools. Simply, Embrace our home automation solutions and unveil the best of what we can offer for you!