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Al Baraa Building Maintenance
& Interior Decor

Marquetry Wood Flooring Services

Enhancing the royalty of your wooden flooring, Al Baraa presents you to its world of Marquetry wooden flooring. With entrancing designs carved in your elegant wooden flooring, we unleash a finesse that speaks the epitome of artistry. Using the finest wooden quality we ensure your floor to reinstate its timeless beauty in the sands of time. Such that the Royalty prides for generations to come. We endow your wooden floor with the elite maple, Ash, Oak, Mahagony and more. To have your floor speak a design that is one of its kind, our flooring designers ensure your personal touch to them. We ensure features that are resistance to contraction, expansion and splitting/chipping to make the floor smooth and agile.

Whether it is a commercial space where you want your space to have the quintessential grace or your personal space where you wish to stay in your own fantasy darbar, our team welcomes you to discover the choicest standards of Marquetries. Our dextereous artists with their ingrained talents in wood designing ensure to put the best to your space. Have us know your desires as we create beauty with our passion. Welcome !