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Solar Energy Solutions

Solar Energy is the stepping stone towards a sustainable future. And Al Baraa is here to contribute the solutions of this world-changing renewable source of energy at your service.

In our solar energy solutions, we ensure offering a around the clock monitoring of your systems. Our prime concern is to ensure that the systems operate efficiently with persistent updates to trace any arrival of issues. For one thing that makes us distinguished from others is our reliability quotient. From the most nitty-gritty things to meeting the big problems that you want to share with us. A guaranteed no added cost is what helps us to keep a long-term trust. Starting from production to repairs we offer solutions at every phase backed by our team of myriad impressive skills. .

Here’s a slice of what we offer for you in our solar energy solutions:

  • Solar Electric: Also known as Photovoltaics, these systems let you view how you can moderate the electric meter spins.
  • Solar Pool Heating: A solar energy heating to use in a swimming pool is the most preferred energy saving.
  • Solar Hot water: It is the most prevalent use of solar energy and can save the energy to heat water electrically by 60%.